A Primer on Surfing Ecology


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 What is it?

Surfing Ecology is focused on the idea of integrating surfing and ecology. In other words, how does a surfing lifestyle, one dedicated to riding ocean waves and frequenting a coastal environment, inform scientific research and education on marine ecological issues?

 @copyright Phil Roberts. https://philroberts.com/

@copyright Phil Roberts. https://philroberts.com/

Why Surfing?

Surfing inspires a dedication and passion towards the ocean that is unique among sports. As such, dedicated surfers spend significant time in and near the water and are in tune with ocean’s tides, swells, and short- and long-term changes in the coastal zone and understand its patterns and rhythm and are engaged with other ocean folks.


Why Marine Ecology?

Marine ecology is the scientific study of interactions among organisms and their environment, including the biology, chemistry, geology and physics of the ocean. It is a broad field of study that is focused on understanding the oceans and marine life and developing solutions to problems influencing ocean health. 

Why Surfing Ecology?

Together surfing and marine ecology can create significant synergy and help develop a focus on unique issues facing marine life, ocean health, marine conservation, and coastal issues. While some of the possible areas of overlap are not new to surfing nor marine ecology, the unity of these fields helps to identify new focal areas, key gaps in our knowledge, and a direction for future work.


Courtesy of Robin Brune

How Can I Get Involved?

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