Brian Tissot, Founder and US West Coast Coordinator. Humboldt State University

bt-surfing-doctors-2015Brian is a marine biologist and college professor living in Northern California who started surfing in San Diego in 1970. Although born in California he has lived in Washington, Oregon, Hawaii, and Virginia. As an ecologist he primarily writes scholarly scientific research articles on coral reefs, the marine aquarium trade, deep-sea invertebrates, and climate change. He is passionate about all things ocean, including surfing, Scuba diving, diving in submersibles, and sailing.


Donna Brown, Hawaii Coordinator, University of Hawaii-Maui. 


Tal Ben-Horin, US East Coast Coordinator, University of Rhode Island 

benhorinbio_photoTal is a coastal marine ecologist at the University of Rhode Island. He grew up surfing along the barrier beaches of Long Island’s south shore. A career in marine science has taken him to coasts near and far where he’s had the opportunity to work and surf with many great friends and colleagues. Much of his research focuses on disease outbreaks in marine fish and invertebrates, especially diseases impacting fisheries and aquaculture. He lives in Newport, Rhode Island with his wife, daughter and Australian shepherd mix.




Rosa Medina Tigges, European Coordinator, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.