Why Surfing?


Surfrider “Hands across the sands” protest against oil drilling in Florida. Photo: Volusia/ Flagler Chapter

Surfing inspires a dedication and passion towards the ocean that is unique among sports. Although many physical endeavors occur outdoors, surfing is entirely based on a product of nature: waves generated by wind. As such, dedicated surfers spend significant time in and near the water and are in tune with ocean’s tides, swells, and short- and long-term changes in the coastal zone.


Surfers protest a coastal road planned through Trestles, California in 2013. The plan was defeated for the second time.

Because they spent much of their lives in the sea, they understand its patterns and rhythm and are engaged with other water folk. Moreover, there are an estimated 35 million surfers worldwide (Surf Careers) and many are engaged in coastal communities socially, economically and politically and thus represent an important and potentially influential group of individuals. They are a major agent of change and can be very persuasive. Moreover, surfers are a diverse group and their lifestyle makes them natural ambassadors for the ocean: people listen to us. As such we should be the first in line to protect the sea and our surf.

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