What is it?



Surfing Ecology is focused on the idea of integrating surfing and ecology. In other words, how does a surfing lifestyle, one dedicated to riding ocean waves and frequenting a coastal environment, inform scientific research and education on marine ecological issues? How can we address scientific questions relevant to both interests and what would it look like?


If you surf, care about the ocean, and have an interest in science, either as a professional or as an informed individual, then you are a surfing ecologist. So what are you gong to do about it? You may be contributing already and just don’t know it. My intention is to help clarify the possibilities and stimulate a focus on the synergy between fields. The possibilities are truly endless.


Like Surfing Medicine, there is a similar and natural synergy between surfing and marine ecology and a group of like-minded individuals dedicated to exploring the interface between these two fields could produce valuable contributions to ocean health, conservation, and the well-being of surfers, marine life, and the coastal zone. Here I explore this concept, how it would work, and some ideas of what could be done.

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